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Top picture. At Selworthy Rectory, August 1894, the Rev. Frederick & Mrs Hancock with their children.
Standing, left to right: Maryon, Mrs Hancock, Philip, Calverley, Agnes; seated: Marmaduke,
Rev. Frederick Hancock, Walter, Mrs Laura A Woodhouse; at front with the dogs: Willoughby.
Bottom Picture.                         The staff of Selworthy Rectory, 20th August 1891.
      Grace Elsworthy (Lady's Maid), Alice Rawle (Parlourmaid), Annie May (Housemaid), Lizzie Rowe       (Nurse), Mary Gibbs (Under-housemaid), James Cottrell (Coachman), Charles Welsh (Gardener).
       The cook (Mrs Holmes) had unfortunately gone to the Porlock Bazaar & the Stable Boy (Sydney                    Burgess) to his Grandfather's Funeral - hence their absence from the above group.