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The Book of Wootton Courtenay
By Dorothy Ball            Published by Peter Ball
Price £16.95                                          
Published in 2007
This book is a pictorial history of Wootton Courtenay and features 250 photographs,
maps & documents, some in colour. It is a large format, A4, 152 page, with a limp,
rather than hardback, binding. The book is the work of Dorothy Ball, who was born in
London but lived all her married life - almost 60 years - in Wootton Courtenay. She
spent many of her later years researching, enquiring and writing about the village and
its people. This book is the result of that labour complemented by her amazing
collection of village photographs.

Although it is principally a book aimed at people who live in the parish, their ancestors
or whose families have connections with them, it is also a book that will delight anyone
who has an eye for our past, and a love of Exmoor.

Any profits from the sale of the book will be given to Wootton Courtenay Church.


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